Wedding Party


Brides Party

Laura Bennett – Maid of Honor

Laura and Jesi became friends in high school and though they live across the country from  each other they still remain very close friends.

 Grady Winder – Best Man Maid

Grady and Jesi go back a lot further than they knew at first. Introduced in college by a mutual friend the two hit it off right away. After hours of trying to figure out why they seemed so familiar they realized it’s because they are related. Uncle Grady and Jesi have had many adventures since.

Grooms Party

William Graven – Best Man

Will and Brent became friends in high school and have had a blossoming bromance ever since. What more can I say.

 Jordan Young – Brother

Jordan is Jesi’s one and only little brother, soon to be Brent’s brother in law… Enough said.

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